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The World’s #1 Forced-Air Wood Burning Gasification Furnaces.

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100, Phase 2 EPA certified, exceeds 2020 standards by over 40%.  Cleanest and most efficient on the market + Tax Credit + “Proudly made in the U.S.A. using American Steel.”

Burn wood better and save money on energy costs while also getting great wood heat that you and your family will LOVE!

Safe,  Clean, Efficient, Kuuma

“Very few companies are operating like this,” said Garrett. “You have to make these jobs worth it. That’s what it takes in these smaller communities. When you commit to your employees, they commit to you, and that changes the ballgame.”  

Investing in their employees, investing in their community (clickable)

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The original Lamppa Manufacturing facility in Tower, MN, converted from a creamery and used for all manufacturing until late 2019.

The current Lamppa Manufacturing facility in Tower, MN, was made possible by Herb Lamppa, Daryl Lamppa, IRRRB (Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board), and TEDA (Tower Economic Development Authority). 


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Kuuma the Very Best Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves & Furnaces by Lamppa Manufacturing.

Kuuma Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves and Furnaces are produced with “old-world” craftsmanship, quality, and charm not found in today’s throw-away world. The Kuuma family (Kuuma means hot in Finnish) of American-made woodburning products has evolved for nearly a century with continual innovation to stay at the leading edge of technology in the woodburning industry. You’ll understand why #kuumapowered makes such a difference.

Our stoves are made with American steel and have been manufactured in the USA Finnish-American style for generations! 

Our Kuuma Sauna Stoves were featured on Made for the Outdoors (video link).

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Sauna Traditions PBS Video (4:35 Mark on Lamppa MFG)

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Installation Videos

Firing up your Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 (For the first time ever or the season) (Video)

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 "Front"
Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 (cleanest burning and most efficient forced air wood furnace available!
Nearly a century of wood burning experience has allowed us to develop nothing but the best!
#Kuuma meet our new puppy #Kuuma

Proudly manufactured in the USA using American steel!

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