Kuuma Wood Furnaces and Sauna Stoves (Wood and Electric)

The World’s #1 Forced-Air Wood Burning Gasification Furnaces.

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100, Phase 2 EPA certified, exceeds 2020 standards.  Cleanest and most efficient on the market + “Proudly made in the U.S.A. using American Steel”

*****Small Town American Manufacturing – The cost of quality*****

*****Update 1/4/21 – In the most significant news our industry has seen in recent memory, starting in 2021 (now), purchase the Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 and receive a 26% tax credit on the furnace and installation.  This is a savings of $1,600 on the furnace alone.  There has never been a better time to upgrade to the most efficient and safest wood-burning furnace on the market (consumer info)(click here for details)(click here for guidance)(tax credit statement). Financing is now available! (click here for details)    

The original Lamppa Manufacturing facility in Tower, MN, converted from a creamery and used for all manufacturing until late 2019.

The current Lamppa Manufacturing facility in Tower, MN, made possible by Herb Lamppa, Daryl Lamppa, IRRRB (Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board) and TEDA (Tower Economic Development Authority). 


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The Very Best Wood Burning & Electric Sauna Stoves & Furnaces

Kuuma Saunas and Furnaces are produced with “old-world” craftsmanship, quality, and charm not found in today’s throw-away world. The Kuuma family of American-made wood stoves has evolved over the past 80 years with continual innovation to stay at the leading edge of technology in the wood-burning industry. You’ll understand why #kuumapowered makes such a difference.

American steel, manufactured in the USA for generations!  

Sauna Traditions PBS Video (4:35 Mark on Lamppa MFG)

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Installation Videos

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Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 "Front"
Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 (cleanest burning and most efficient forced air wood furnace available!

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What Are Our Customers Saying?

I have a Kuuma Vaporfire 100. It has kept my home very warm over the past 4 years I’ve had it installed. Not only that, my chimney has never needed swept! Because there is absolutely nothing in it! I burn way less wood. Never have to worry about safety hazards as it’s built like a tank. No chimney or creasote fires. Can’t say enough good things about these furnaces and the folks that make them! Daryl Lamppa is great with customer service and answered any and all of my questions immediately! Thanks again guys!

I bought a Kuuma Sauna Stove about 15 years ago. It still looks and heats like new. Good people, good stoves, local business – win, win, win. 

Bill Hansen

The guys working there had pride of craftsmanship. They should. They build a great product! 

Tom Crafton

The stove is fantastic and easily heats the sauna to 180f or higher if I want. These are great stoves and highly recommend them. 

Paul Geyen

Going into my 3rd winter with our Vapor Fire 100 furnace and we could not be happier. 

Bill Widmer

I’ve lived in Northern Minnesota for the last 30 years and have burned wood for 29 of those years.I started off with a 2000 sq ft home and heated it with the Vapor fire 200 for 20 years. Had to sell that home and the worst thing about it was that i had to leave the stove behind.That stove is 30 years old and still being used with no signs of burning out or having to replace it. I could go on and on about how great that stove is but i had better talk about my new stove,the vapor fire 100. I heat a 3500 sq ft home now and pretty much heat with nothing but wood. This has been the coldest winter that i think i’ve ever seen here in Northern Minn. Lots of 20 to 30 below temps and 50 to 60 blow wind chill. Propane was up to 6 dollars a gallon. Thank God i had this wood burner.Even this year i think i will have used about 5 to 5 1/2 cords of wood. I can’t say enough about this stove. I forgot to mention that the guy who told me about these stoves had his in a house for 10 years before i bought mine and t hat stove is still heating that house. Thats quality you can’t find in to many places now days. There are some new bells and whistles on the new stoves that i didn’t have on the first one but are all good.

I remember not having to clean the chimney in the first house for 8 years. I burn lots of Birch but do try to mix it with other hard woods. I don’t know how my chimney stays so clean. I don’t know of any other stove out there that burns this clean. Once every couple of months i clean the stove pipe going to the chimney but i really think i could get away without doing that. I will give this stove 10 stars, it’s that good.

The customer service is great!

If anyone has any ? about this review feel free to email me at stat1dou@hotmail.com

Hands down the best wood burning stove i’ve ever owend

Thank you all who make this possible and keep up the good work.

Douglas State
Deer River, MN

Daryl, I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the great workmanship put into your sauna stoves. We are just opening up our cabin for the season and have our sauna heating up as I write you this note.

The heater gets used non-stop over the summer and we invite our neighbors to use it as well.
 Thanks again for a great product.

Allen & Patty Dahl

The heat is strong and consistent. It holds a lot of stones and makes wonderful löyly. 

Jeff Pyzyk

I’ve had a Kuuma electric sauna stove for about 20 years and still works excellent… I recently bought a cabin with Kuuma wood sauna stove and I love that stove also they are in a class of their own… 

Nathaniel Dostert

We purchased our furnace last fall. It is the best furnace we ever owned. 

Cindy Torma

We bought the electric floor model, there have only been 3-5 days we haven’t used it in the last two years. Industrial grade stainless steel construction, protected elements, we expect many more years of saunas before we need to change out the elements. 

Mike Hill

This furnace is absolutely fantastic! I am a first-time wood burner, and the only learning curve involved was learning how much wood to load when it got a bit warmer, so you don’t overheat the house. It truly is load and go. No messing with dampers or air inducers trying to keep the fire burning optimally. All the guesswork is taken away thanks to the computer. The only regret I have is I wish we would have purchased it one year sooner, as we could have avoided that particular winter’s extreme LP prices.

Don’t ever be reluctant to contact Lamppa Manufacturing if you have any questions or concerns. They are very proud of their furnace and will help out if you ever have any questions or issues.

Paul Junion, Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

The heat and steam are perfections and we are so happy we found the very best for our cabin sauna! Thanks for wonderful craftsmanship! 

Susan Odden

August 2013

KUUMA VAPOR FIRE 100 wood furnace results

As many of you now I installed a Kuuma vapor fire last year. Well I just got around to cleaning my chimney for the last piece of info needed to give an accurate opinion. The chimney was as clean as a whistle, A little dust ash, that’s it. There was a little soot in the inside Single wall pipe, 1/16 of an inch. This furnace was everything they said it was. This was my only source of heat last winter, if it didn’t work I was screwed. It worked flawlessly. My house about 2,000 sq ft, NEVER dropped below 70* Even on the coldest days where some peoples boilers could not keep up. This furnace is said to equal 100,000 btu fossil fuel furnace. Well a coworker that lives 5 miles away with a 125,000 BTU oil boiler on the coldest days could not keep his house out of the 50’s. First time that has happened to him in the 20 yr’s he’s been there. My house was 72*. This wood furnace is as easier to use than any wood burning appliance that I have seen. Almost as easy as fossil fuel, the exception of course is tha t you have to put wood in it twice a day. Even that is easy, scrape the ash down the grate, pull the coals forward, toss in your wood, close the door and walk away. Even my wife can use it. (and that is saying something. she is VERY girly) Don’t come back for 8 to 12 hours. 1 piece of wood = 1 hr of burn. I never loaded the furnace full, so I don’t know how long a burn it can have. But it can do at least a 12 hr burn 3/4 loaded. I got the h2o coil with it, which gave me 3 free showers a day. Wood usage was the same amount of the same wood as the winter before with the wood stove. If you recall that winter 2 yrs ago was no winter at all. Last winter just wouldn’t end, needed heat in june for crying out loud. So twice the winter and hot water with the same amount of wood, and 1 million percent easier.

As for customer service, they are amazing. I have never encountered such good service. There was trucking damage upon delivery, They wrote me up a repair quote the same day. I had an issue upon start up on a Saturday morning. I called them and the owner answered the phone and had my issue resolved in minute’s. ( a spring adjustment) I called on a weeknight at 7 o’clock with a question, again the owner answered the phone and answered my question. Darrell ( the owner) is truly excited by his unit, and how it works. American made, with true American quality, with old time American customer service. I am very pleased with the Vapor fire 100 and would happily recommend one to anyone. The only thing I don’t like is it’s hard to remember the spelling of Kuuma.

P.s It works great when the power goes out as well. And flue temp is around 250*.

P.ss I loved showing the guy’s that ride along with me all the houses that have smoke coming out of there chimney’s, then driving by my house and seeing nothing coming out of mine, not even the heat squiggles. They could not believe I had a fire going at the time.

Dan Westmoreland
Sandown, NH

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