Chris Tarpey Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna Stove

I wanted to send a short note of appreciation regarding my new Kuuma sauna stove. It’s single digits in northern Wisconsin this morning, but I’m smiling because I’m about to go fire up my awesome sauna stove! It was everything you advertised – solid construction, easy to operate, holds a good amount of wood (medium stove) and more than adequately heats my 8×8 hotroom.
Now I look forward to cold snowy days! I go in at least weekly to warm up thru-and-thru, open up all my pores, and sweat out old toxins, to make room for new toxins!! Hahaha. Thank you for the excellent service and the beautiful stove.
If you or your prospective customers find yourself near Pickerel, Wisconsin and want to check it out first hand –  over a cold beverage, you’re certainly welcome!
Chris Tarpey