Tom Wright’s Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100


Hi Dale, I hope all is well for you and everyone. I wanted to update you on our Kumma furnace now that I have used it for a couple of months. So far my only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner. The furnace has exceeded my expectations and has been a pleasure to operate.

It is super efficient and we have cut our wood consumption by at least one third and that is with it being at least 10 degrees below normal all season. I can load it at night and still have plenty of heat for 10 to 12 hours later. It also burns the wood down to ash and uses all the heat from the fire. It doesn’t waste energy by heating the flue pipe and chimney. The house stays at an even heat without the highs and lows that our other furnaces gave us. It has taken me a while to trust the electronic controls, I have always had to fiddle with the damper to control the fire before. Now I feel like one of the old commercials where I can set it and forget it.

Thank you for such a well-engineered furnace and my family I look forward to using it for decades to come.


Tom Wright

ps. feel free to use this, I want more people to know about your furnace