Mary R’s Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100


We are thrilled with our new Kuuma Vaporfire 100 Wood gasification furnace! We are new to wood heat. We are newly retired and after decades of setting our house thermostat to a budget friendly 66 degrees during the day (and 60 degrees overnight) and always wearing a sweater, we are extremely happy with the comfort provided by our new furnace! It delivers on every promise at the company website!! Our 3400 square foot space is toasty warm with an even heat, and the thermostat is set at 70! What motivated us to select Lamppa Mfg over other companies was the EPA Phase 2 certification. We and our family are very active outside in our yard and did not want to be inhaling smoke. Just as promised, there is no detectable smoke when the fire is burning! Most impressive has been the hands on personalized service provided by Dale at Kuuma. We newbies needed a little more assistance than most and he has been a gem to get us up and running! We are so happy we invested in two furnaces – one for our shop and one for our home!!!!

Mary Rankey

Rose City, Michigan