Scott Cross Kuuma Sauna – Alaska


We live three miles from the closest road near the historic Treadwell mining district in Alaska. On our walks on the beach to town, we see the remains of stamp mills, steam engines, Pelton wheels, and all manner of machines, most of them more than 100 years old! I’m always amazed thinking of the people who manufactured this equipment, built to last forever, still looking like it could go back into service with a little hard work. That was the same feeling I got when we busted open the crate from Lamppa Manufacturing and saw our new sauna stove, it’s obviously meant to last generations. I can easily see my 7-year-old grandson when he’s my age cranking up this stove surrounded by his grandkids. There’s no doubt that he will have to rebuild the sauna room a time two but this same stove will be providing joy, health, and comfort for a long long time. Thank you all at Lamppa for our Kuuma Sauna Stove!!!

Scott Cross