Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Review Matt L

We had a Kuuma vapor fire 100 installed mid February and couldn’t be happier with it. It’s connected to our HVAC in parallel to the propane furnace. I feel like our propane is now obsolete so luckily propane doesn’t go bad. We’ve been loading wood less often in the past week as temperatures are mild so only twice a day. When it was first put in we had subzero temperatures for a couple weeks and we loaded wood three times a day or two large loads. Temperatures have been great in the house around 70f all day and night and it even makes the far side of the house feel warm which propane never did. It’s not even comparable to our prior 1980 wood stove as it is so much cleaner and more efficient. It looks like we’ll use 4 cords of wood a year to hear our house in southern Wisconsin. I look forward to more cold weather to see how it does.


Matt L

Southern Wisconsin