Kuuma Update 7.11.22

Quick Update: We’ve been waiting on furnace steel for quite a while and finally received what looks like everything we need to start building them again. We will pivot from sauna stoves and focus mainly on furnaces in the short term. We appreciate our customer’s patience and plan to have everything currently on order made and shipped by the end of August.
Also, please plan ahead if you want to save money and heat with wood using the Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 (cleanest burning and most efficient on the market) this winter.
Shipping Delays: Due to the rising cost of diesel fuel, many shipping companies we use are holding shipments until they have a full trailer before going out for delivery.  We are experiencing anywhere from an extra few days to weeks (in rare cases) until delivery.  These delays are outside our control, but we would like you to know so that appropriate arrangement can be made.