Kuuma Sauna Stove Longevity

Is the Kuuma sauna stove for everyone?  Unfortunately, probably not.  The Kuuma sauna stove is designed for those looking for something built to last for decades (when operated correctly) and provides a great sauna experience every single time.  Most stoves will meet your needs if you plan to sauna 10 times a year.  Now you might not get great Lämpömassa or fantastic löyly, but more than likely, that won’t matter to you.  Maybe you are serious about sauna, looking to start your own sauna business, or taking the DIY approach (many have done the research and know what to splurge on) “The Kuuma cures almost all building Ills – Glenn A,” or want to buy something that’s going last in a society where most companies take the complete opposite approach to ensure future sales and more profit.  If these are true, then a Kuuma is for you!

When you purchase a Kuuma, you’re supporting a generational family-run small business that tries to be valuable members of its community.  We believe in providing a quality job by paying a living wage and even managed to add health care for our employees this past year.  For most of our employees, shifting to a 4-day work week (Mon-Thurs) has allowed for a positive work-life balance.

You get the best-built sauna stove on the market, and it’s also the best value when factoring in the price per pound shipped to your house.  If you buy a stove for $2,000 that weighs 200 lbs, your price is $10 per lb.  If you buy a stove for $1,500 that weighs 85 lbs, your price is $17.60 per lb.  If you buy a stove for $2,800 that weighs 400 lbs, your price is $7.00 per lb, and it’s American Steel.  Factor in our stainless steel baffle (which costs more than many of our competitor’s entire stoves, including labor to manufacture), stainless steel smoke collar, fantastic löyly, extreme Lämpömassa, proven longevity, and less wood usage with the long burn times.  With a #kuuma, you get an authentic sauna experience, Finnish American style started in Embarrass, MN, during the 1930s and is now proudly built in Tower, MN.

I’ve included a few stories below and know many others who have been operating them for 20+ years.  Please feel free to share your Kuuma Sauna Stove experience!

Jeff Pyzyk (WI) #pyzykplunge

6 years – 2,000 Hot saunas (210 degrees)

Not a hint of warpage on the Kuuma

Jeff P Kuuma Sauna Stove
Jeff P Kuuma Sauna Stove

Glenn Auerbach (MN) #saunaguru

My Cabin Kuuma sauna:

  1.  That’s 27 yrs.

4 mos usage per year

12 saunas per month

27x4x12 = 1,300 saunas.

X 3 hrs each

3,900 burn hours.

My Backyard Kuuma sauna:

  1.  That’s 19 years.

8 mos usage per year

12 saunas per month

19x8x12 = 1,824 Saunas.

x 3 hrs each =

5,472 burn hours.

And Counting!


Glenn Loading Pine Island Kuuma Sauna 1996
Glenn Loading Pine Island Kuuma Sauna 1996
Glenn Pine Island Kuuma Sauna
Glenn Pine Island Kuuma Sauna

612 Sauna Society (MN) #612saunasociety

Using our current hours and days of operation, which I believe have been fairly constant, I come up with the following:

36 Weeks of operation/year x 40 hours of operation/week (Th-Su) = 1440 Hours/Year.

We have had 3 complete seasons of operations (2017-2018/2018-2019/2019-2020) 1440 x 3 = 4320 Hours; the end of this season would bring that total to 5760

Even if my arithmetic is not exact, we will definitely be over 5000 Trouble Free Hours of operation at the end of this season.

That’s a pretty good testimony to the quality of the Lamppa stoves.


612 Sauna Society
612 Sauna Society picture featuring Alex Goldfarb, Owen Wilson, and Silvia Yordanova

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