Peter’s Wood Burning Kuuma Sauna Stove

Dear Morgan;

I wanted to follow up with you on how happy we are with our purchase of a Kuuma sauna stove, after two years of fantastic service!  We love our sauna, and it was fun to plan and build.  The control over the fire that is provided by the Kuuma stove is so complete that it also makes it very safe. I’d say that our certified Morso insert in the house has much less control.

We received delivery of the stove in Toronto, ON, the week before the pandemic started, and began construction of the sauna that spring. This is the second sauna we have built; the first is at our lakeside cabin in Georgian Bay, however, we wanted to build something at our home that we could move to a new location should we choose to move in the future, so we built this one on skids and a relatively small footprint (8’ x 12’ not including the deck overhang). The change room has a sliding glass door, for which my wife (a graphic designer) created a band of frosted stencils so that nobody would walk through it. I’ve attached photos below.

Thanks again for your amazing service, and for producing such a high quality product!
Toronto, ON