Timber Arched Kuuma Sauna Osakis, MN

When you see as many awesome saunas as we do, sometimes you forget everything it takes to make the dream a reality.  Well, this one was created by Timber Arched in Osakis, MN, and it immediately caught my eye and attention.  Thanks for choosing a #kuuma to provide the great heat and steam of your authentic sauna experience.
“Another sauna is ready to head to an excited client! Who wouldn’t be excited about this one? Efficient and sustainable are two words that come to mind. The Gothic arch has already proven itself for strength and elegance over the course of time. Here in Minnesota, we love it because of its unmatched snow-shedding capabilities. Locally-sourced white oak arches, hand-crafted here on our farm, will last more than a lifetime. This model is heated with a beast of a heater in the wood-fired KUUMA made by @lampmfg here in Minnesota. We use sustainable natural sheep’s wool insulation by @havelock_wool to give you the ultimate health and environmentally conscious sweat! Neither spray foam nor fiberglass belong in our Timber Arched Saunas, why would you want it in yours?”