Green Bay, WI Kuuma Sauna (angle)

Kuuma Sauna Build – Green Bay, WI

Hi Morgan

Finnish sauna finish…a little pun. Just chopped up my wood for on this beautiful December day. Fired up the sauna and thought I would send you the pics I promised you.  It really rocks the heat when it gets warmed up. Could use some snow here to cool down between sauna times.  Looking forward to getting some snow so we can fire up the sauna before we go and then hop in the sauna after a good ski. I luv it the stove is everything I dreamed of.  Now I have to get my led light hooked up with electric for the sauna and changing room.  Lamppa mfg makes the best sauna stove with the best kuuma. It was a pleasure talking with you. You all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year and sauna on.
Your satisfied customer,

Thomas S

Green Bay, WI