New Kuuma Vaporfire 100, love it

I bought a new Kumma vaporfire 100 last spring. I have used it for 2 months now and couldn’t be happier. I live near Wisconsin Dells WI, we just went through some very cold windy conditions and it performed great. Temps down to -12 and 20-35 mph winds. I have left the fan on low and the temp control is at the low or at times, the 9 o’clock position. 1600 sq foot ranch, 20 years old. Furnace is in the insulated basement. Return air is 3′ off the basement floor, not connected to the central return air ducting. Heated air is connected to the central air duct run. If the outside temp is 0 or above I can keep the inside temp at 70 or up to 76 if it’s warmer outside, say 30. The coolest inside temp I saw was 66 one morning, That was -12 and very windy. I’m getting down to a small bed of coals after 11-12 hours from a full firebox load. My wood was seasoned 18 months and it was cut 16-18″ for my old stove. Moisture is 12-14. I love the start it and leave it simplicity of operation. I previously had a Harmon Oakwood, and then a small Hearthstone soapstone. The Harmon really needed a lot of attention to get burning correctly, the Hearstone was easier, but still required supervision and both needed to be filled at 4-6 hours. I’m still learning how much wood to load to match the outside conditions. If the high temp for the day is going to be 30-40, I usually do not load it in the morning, the inside temp will drop from 73 to about 67. If I were to fill it in the morning on a day like that, It will get to 76 or more. I’m experimenting with a small load for a 30 degree day. Dale at Lampa has been very helpful, he sent a 95 degree snap switch which has kept the fan running all the time. The 105 switch would cycle the fan. The YouTube videos were essential for my installation, very helpful.