Dunn Kuuma Sauna Stove Front NY 3

Tohkanen Dunn Kuuma Sauna Build Trumansburg, NY

The stove is great, heats fast, the draft control allows us to create a great
fire, love the grates and air feeding the fire from below, all is good!
If your furnaces are anything like the sauna stove, I would much rather
have had one of your furnaces! (they are)

Some pictures of our still-to-be-finished sauna. The ceiling is
butternut, the walls are pine (with some knots under the benches for
aroma), the bench frames are locust, the bench facing boards are aspen,
and the changing room will be white ash whenever I get the dado set on
my tablesaw and get the boards tongue and grooved. All the lumber came
from logs I cut within a half mile of our house, and had my friend mill
out with his Woodmizer. The buckets are from my wife’s home sauna thirty
years ago, the dippers are from that same sauna but originally from
Finland.  I put the candle window over the door because I wanted the
heat shields to go full height. The little LED lantern in the candle
window lights both the changing room and the hot room, and has a dimmer
on it so we can vary the light, love the light coming from the window in
the sauna stove door.

Our sauna is overall 12’4″ by 8′, with the hot room interior about 7’3″
by 7’2″ by 8’1/2′ high.  It heats in about 1 to 1.5 hours, we light it
as we prepare supper at 6 pm and sauna in two waves and are relaxing
after by about 8:30.


June Tohkanen Dunn

Jim Dunn

Trumansburg, NY