HVAC company Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 installation information

The Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 is the world’s cleanest burning and most efficient wood furnace.  It makes woodburning easy, safe, and even fun, especially if you have been burning wood with something else for many years.

It’s also easy to install in the majority of situations.  However, we’ve noticed some HVAC companies don’t follow our owner manual and do it as they have in the past for an older wood or utility furnace.  We’ve seen some dispose of our thermostat (need it to control the blower) or even the entire blower (our blower is what we want you using when operating), thinking they could use the one from the other utility in their system.

We spend a lot of time after the fact helping homeowners fix these issues that could’ve been avoided by the installation company following the owner’s manual.  Homeowners, if you are paying them, please hold them accountable to follow directions.  They or you can call or e-mail us with any questions to ensure it’s installed correctly.

Please don’t be intimidated by the installation process.  Make sure they have access to this information:

**Product Manual** 


Kuuma Vapor-Fire FAQs

**Firing up the Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 (1st time or for the season) (Video)**


We suggest working with your local plumbing and heating contractor (40%) for installation.  With our guidance, many homeowners do it themselves (20%) or hire a local handyperson (40%).  Installation is done exactly like a propane, gas, or oil furnace.  The trickiest part is connecting to your ducting.  You do this exactly like oil, gas, or propane.  The electrical and stovepipe connection is straightforward, and you can likely do it yourself.  Before purchasing, we like everyone to call and speak with Dale to ensure everything will work great for your application!  He also guides the majority of people with the installation.   We have also been adding videos to help.