Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Review Mike S

Hello Darryl,
Rather than sending you a photo of my Vapor Fire 100 set up in my basement I’m sending some other, related pictures. My home was built in 1978, in NE Wisconsin. I’ve had a wood and gas furnace since building. Two years ago I put in the Vapor Fire stove, and couldn’t be happier with it. My house is 2200sq. ft., all on one level. Last winter was the coldest I can remember in the time we’ve been living there. During Jan. and Feb. my gas bills were about $30 each month, and that’s considering I have a gas hot water heater. Normal procedure was to fire up before I went to work in the morning and then when I came home at the end of the day. Of course again before I went to bed at night. At those times you get 38 or 40 degree days in the winter you can always tell when you step into a home heated with wood because you can smell creosote as the stove just doesn’t burn hot enough to burn all the gasses during that warm weather. I don’t get that with the Vapor Fire. It burns the gasses even during that warm weather. Also sending a shot of my woodshed. It holds enough wood for two winters. I’m currently collecting wind damaged or diseased trees from around my house and piling them to be cut up and split this coming winter. During the spring of 2016 I’ll put it all in the wood shed and will not burn it until the winter of 2016/17. That way it’s good and dry, which is also helpful to prevent creosote. If you can use my testimonial for your stove, go ahead. I’m sold on their quality. Sincerely, Mike Sheldon.