Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 – (24+ hour blower time off of a single load of 96lbs of black locust)


I loaded at exactly 10:54am Sunday morning and the blower shut off at 11:56am Monday morning.  You can tell by looking at the supply temps.  At 10:54am (far left) it spiked, which means I manually shut the blower off to load.  Then at 11:56am the temps spike up again, which means the blower shut off, which it typically does right around the 96° area.  So it ran continuously for 25 hours and 2 minutes.  Typically when the blower shuts off I will have roughly a handful of coals to reload on, just enough to do a re-load if I have to.

Here are the two screen captures from the website I use to track my Thermoworks Smoke.  One is supply temps and one is flue temps.

Keep in mind my blower is speed controlled and slowed down some to increase my supply temps.  The speed controller will also speed up and slow down the blower based on supply temp in order to maximize its supply temp.
The flue temp graph you can see how long it stayed on pilot for.  It went to pilot for the first time around 11am and then stayed there till around 4:30pm, then it did its c-1-c thing until a little before 11pm before it went to ‘1’ for good.  So a good 12 hours worth of either straight pilot time or going on/off pilot.  It went to ‘3’ for good at around 5:45am Monday morning, almost 19 hours after loading.

Outside temps were between 27-33° the whole time. House was 73° when we got home at noon today. Probably won’t be having another fire till later tonight.

I’ve done similar loadings before a handful of times over the years when we would be gone for a day or two. Always got between 22 and 24 hour blower run times. Did a 93lb load earlier in December and I just missed 24 hours by 10 minutes.

Paul J
Wisconsin Dells, WI