Kuuma Vapor-Fire Testimonial (bought in 2007)


This stove is easy to fire and has done very well as I burn about 20-22 face cords of wood each year. It is easy to clean, easy to fire and works well. I don’t know what the life expectancy of the firebox is but so far it seems OK. Keep up the good work.

I used to have to clean my chimney every year but I haven’t cleaned it now for 15 years and it is still clean after burning approximately 300 plus face cords of wood of all kinds, Oak, maple birch elm, ash, and butternut. I replace the pipes to the chimney every other year as the horizontal pipes harbor some ash residue and it causes some corrosion. All in all the cleaning is pretty simple as there is nothing but light ash residue which vacuums up very easily. Thanks again for a great heating unit.

It has been a great heater and you are welcome to use any of my testimony you would like.

Thank you

Harold C
Ogdensburg, WI 54962