Two Cedars Sauna featuring a Kuuma stove

Hi Lamppa Kuuma,

Greetings from Minden, Ontario – Here’s a couple pictures of your beautiful wood-burning sauna stove at the cottage.

We called it the Two Cedars Sauna, knotty western red cedar on the inside and eastern white cedar on the outside.

Couple pictures attached, including one from the day the stove arrived, which was real icy, so we had the brilliant idea of sledding it over and saved us all a trip to the chiropractor later…

I will say that in hindsight, using cement board for the stove surround would’ve been a lot smarter, but we like the heavy look of the concrete pad around that black steel.

Hot room dimension is 7’2” x 7’7” with a foil-faced vapor barrier and cavity insulated 2×4 stud frame walls. Attached is a floor plan. We usually get it up to about 70-80 degrees celsius at 85-100% humidity, except when our Belarussian friend is in town, then we push ourselves to do 90. In the middle of winter I would say that after about 45 minutes it has reached a desirable temperature.

Loyly_20200502_Presentation_Plan_1-24_14 (1)

Thank you for making such a beautiful stove!

The Speckerts