Mark’s Sun Rise Beach, MO Kuuma Powered Sauna

Please find my custom built outdoor sauna I built a little over a year ago. Have been exceptionally happy with the Lamppa wood burning stove.

The actual building is 8′ x 12′. The inside is 6 1/2′ front to back, 7′ left to right with a 7′ 3″ ceiling height. Also the front porch is 4′ x 8′.
You may like to know on a snow event how well the insulation is. We had a 3 inch snow event and had the sauna fired up to 150 on one day and the following day up to maybe 165-170 degrees. No melting of any snow from the roof at all, not even around the double insulated stove pipe. Image included to show you. That impressed me on my build.
Thank you,
Mark Deutsch

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