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Ed and Amy L Testimonial

10.18.21 I’d just like to comment on the customer service we’ve received from Lamppa Manufacturing recently. At our cabin at 1521 Bearhead State Park Road, Eagle’s Nest Lake One, we’ve always seemed to have a draft problem with not only our Kuuma stove in our sauna but stoves we’ve had there even before. I had … Read more

Josh P Stone Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna

Hi Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful stove…the quality is amazing. I was forced to renovate my sauna in order to accommodate your stove…my floors would never have held up to the weight! So I cut them out, and poured concrete and tiled. I think it turned out amazing. Your stove looks … Read more

The Pine Island Sauna Experience

Taking over our family business as the full-time 4th Generation CEO earlier this year has allowed me to start focusing on stuff I’ve wanted to do forever but have not had the time due to multiple jobs.  So, this summer and hopefully moving forward, I made it a point to spend more time growing my … Read more

Paul J, First in-person meet and greet

Running a small business where you sell products factory direct that cost thousands of dollars and weigh hundreds of pounds can make it difficult to let everyone thinking about purchasing the opportunity to use or even see it in person before owning.  That’s why I’m so thankful for all our customers that go above and … Read more

Steam Fascinates Me

This was recently posted in the Wood-Burning Sauna Forum on Facebook.  I was thankful that he took the time to write this and also chose a Kuuma. “I have visited saunas around the world. I am finally preparing to build my own at home. There is an old wood plank shed/barn that my wife is … Read more

Jason M Wood Kuuma Sauna Stove

We got Jason all loaded up in his Sprinter van for the long cross-country haul of transporting his #kuuma sauna furnace back to Oregon.  #kuumaquality #builtlikeatank #getoffthetopbench #shopsmall #americanmade  

Frank M’s Kuuma Vapor-Fire 200 Set-Up

Frank purchased a reconditioned Kuuma Vapor-Fire 200 a few years back.  He did a great job with his installation so we figured we would share some pictures and e-mail exchange.   Hi Dale, Hope you and everyone at Lamppa are well & doing fine, particularly with the virus thing & the now turbulent economic times … Read more

Hank W’s Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Wood Furnace

Hank and his wife stopped by to pick up his #Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100.  When he pulled up and I saw his vehicle, I knew there would be no problems hauling it home.  I guessed about 7 miles to the gallon, and he quickly responded 6.  #kuumaquality #getoffthetopbench #builtlikeatank #shopsmall #madeintheusa #familybusiness #towermn #americansteel #handcrafted

4th of July Tower, MN

The weather was great, and the parade was a blast.  It was fantastic to participate in our community parade, and we really appreciate the support from everyone.  3 generations of our family business enjoyed spending some time together as well! Cheers, Garrett Lamppa   P.S. I had to include Tower legend and Mr. 4th of … Read more