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Hank W’s Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Wood Furnace

Hank and his wife stopped by to pick up his #Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100.  When he pulled up and I saw his vehicle, I knew there would be no problems hauling it home.  I guessed about 7 miles to the gallon, and he quickly responded 6.  #kuumaquality #getoffthetopbench #builtlikeatank #shopsmall #madeintheusa #familybusiness #towermn #americansteel #handcrafted

4th of July Tower, MN

The weather was great, and the parade was a blast.  It was fantastic to participate in our community parade, and we really appreciate the support from everyone.  3 generations of our family business enjoyed spending some time together as well! Cheers, Garrett Lamppa   P.S. I had to include Tower legend and Mr. 4th of … Read more

Christov’s Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove

Christov stopped by to pick up his #kuuma wood-burning sauna stove on the Friday before the 4th of July.  He was full of energy and excitement and really wanted to see how they were manufactured and learn about our family history.  On top of that, it was the first time I can think of that … Read more

Ted L Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove

Ted stopped by and picked up his wood-burning #kuuma sauna stove yesterday.  His granddaughter enjoyed her visit with us so much that she decided she wants to work for us when she turns 16.  Well, we will be waiting.  We were able to get the #kuuma stove and water tank into the back of their … Read more

Employee Appreciation BBQ hosted by Gerhard

6.21.21 This makes me love my job! Many of you are aware that we gave away a #kuuma sauna stove back in December. Well, the winner, Gerhard, reached out via e-mail a few weeks ago wondering if he could come up from Minneapolis and host a BBQ for our employees as a token of gratitude … Read more

Rich D Kuuma Electric Sauna Stove

Rich just sent us pictures of his beautiful #kuuma electric sauna stove and sauna.  He did a great job getting making building this one.  #getoffthetopbench #builtlikeatank #madeintheusa #kuumaquality #americansteel  

Eric W Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

I got my Kuuma Vapor-Fire on May 13th last year, and I just when to clean the flue and chimney and….. I didn’t have any creosote using 5 1/2 cords!! Thank you so much! This furnace is amazing!!   Originally, I used a hot blast furnace, burned about 8 cords, and cleaned the chimney twice … Read more

Arnie A – Kuuma Sauna Stove Review

Works flawlessly Grandkids used it 7 out of the last 10 days. Efficiency is impressive. 6-8 pieces of wood get it up to 185 then another 6-8 pieces hold that temperature for several hours. 12 hours later the room temperature is still around 100/110… Arnie A

Star Tribune Article

Shared from the 1/10/2021 Star Tribune eEdition Tower tinkerer toys with wood-burning perfection Four decades of work produces a most innovative product By REID FORGRAVE reid.forgrave@startribune.com Daryl Lamppa, a 71-year-old tinkerer born and raised in Tower, Minn., invited his son and daughter for Thanksgiving dinner a couple of months ago. Lamppa had something to show them: … Read more