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HVAC company Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 installation information

The Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 is the world’s cleanest burning and most efficient wood furnace.  It makes woodburning easy, safe, and even fun, especially if you have been burning wood with something else for many years. It’s also easy to install in the majority of situations.  However, we’ve noticed some HVAC companies don’t follow our owner … Read more

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Review Mike S

Hello Darryl, Rather than sending you a photo of my Vapor Fire 100 set up in my basement I’m sending some other, related pictures. My home was built in 1978, in NE Wisconsin. I’ve had a wood and gas furnace since building. Two years ago I put in the Vapor Fire stove, and couldn’t be … Read more

Why you don’t want to incorrectly operate your stove

Our Kuuma stoves are legendary for how well they are built and perform (usually for decades).  However, there is a reason why we make many efforts (verbal, videos, website, and owners manual) to explain safe operation. Many companies wouldn’t share something like this, showing damage to their products.  Still, Lamppa Manufacturing believes in trying to … Read more

John F’s Kuuma Lake Vermilion Sauna

Hello, Garrett/Daryl      I wanted to write and tell you that we have had our Kuuma fired up three times in our sauna so far and absolutely LOVE IT!! The heat it puts out is simply amazing. I also want to thank you for answering a handful of questions you most likely don’t even … Read more

Jay A Kuuma Sauna Stove

12.19.22 We absolutely love our Kuuma stove in our backyard sauna.  I attached two pics. Thanks again for your help and happy holidays… Jay A Madison, WI

Mid-Range Honor Guard gets van upgrade thanks to retrofit by Lamppa Manufacturing

TOWER- Lamppa Manufacturing, in Tower, is still building on the tradition of founders Herb and Daryl Lamppa. “We believe in being good local citizens,” said Lamppa plant manager Dale Horihan. While the business produces wood-fired furnaces and sauna stoves, they sometime lend their expertise in fabrication to help community projects. This past month, this has … Read more

Tohkanen Dunn Kuuma Sauna Build Trumansburg, NY

Dunn Kuuma Sauna Stove Front NY 3

The stove is great, heats fast, the draft control allows us to create a great fire, love the grates and air feeding the fire from below, all is good! If your furnaces are anything like the sauna stove, I would much rather have had one of your furnaces! (they are) Some pictures of our still-to-be-finished … Read more

Tower company is running hot with American-made steel

TOWER – “Kuuma” in Finnish means “hot.” And that pretty much describes the market for the solidly-built wood-fired sauna stoves and furnaces built at Lamppa Manufacturing in Tower. The company, which uses American made mild and stainless steel, has grown in both size and reputation since Richard and his son Herbert Lamppa started turning old … Read more