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Carl Hosang Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

Here’s my kuuma. Have used it for 2 yrs. now. Works sooo good. Should have gotten the smaller one. Heating 2400 sq. ft. no problem. Chimney staying clean. Checking monthly. Cutting my wood shorter now. Old stove was chewing it up , with more length. Saving on shorter pieces, plus using less wood. Holds coals … Read more

JJ Cavins Kuuma Electric Sauna Stove

“Can’t imagine our sauna without the Kuuma heater. Heats up our freestanding 9×7 sauna to 180 degrees in the dead of winter in Alaska. Our current sauna demanded an electric heater and other heaters we looked at would not have been able to produce these temperatures in a large outdoor sauna. The Kuuma electric sauna … Read more