Herb Lamppa in front of the Lamppa Creamery, which was turned into our original manufacturing facility

For Product Inquiries or Customer Support

Call: 1-833-660-1064 , 218-753-2330
E-mail: lampmfg@gmail.com
Hours: Mon-Thurs 8 am – 5 pm, Friday 8 am – 3 pm

Ordering Process
We provide an estimate and require a $200 (sauna stove) $500 (furnace) deposit to get on our list, with the balance payable upon shipment or pick-up.  Lead times do fluctuate, but they have typically been about a month.  We currently accept credit cards, cash, checks, wire transfers, and mobile payments.  To make the initial deposit, please call us on the phone.  We don’t keep any credit card information on file for your protection.  There will be a 2% fee (less than we are charged) on non-cash final payments.  Typically our lead time is at least a month, so this provides everyone a chance to mail a check to avoid the 2% fee.  

A shipping estimate is provided in the initial quote.  The shipping rate is not finalized until it is scheduled to ship.  The rate can increase or decrease based on the current shipping industry climate.    

We ship factory direct, and your options are residential with lift-gate service to the end of your driveway or a commercial location (supplied by you) with either a loading dock or forklift.  Commercial shipping normally saves $100+.  You need to have room for a 53-foot semi-tractor trailer for residential delivery to have easy access.  Otherwise, they can meet you at the end of the driveway or road access nearest your home.  With lift-gate service, they can load onto an open truck bed. Overseas shipping is typically done by ocean freight since it’s usually less expensive than air.

When shipped outside of Minnesota, there are no sales taxes. You will be charged Minnesota sales tax and a $20 crating fee if you pick up here. All pick-ups are now on a pallet, so please bring a truck or trailer.  When shipping we charge a crating fee ($60 saunas [1 pallet], $120 furnaces [2 pallets]) + shipping (typically $250-$500).  We regularly ship to Canada but require the customer to provide the broker.  All International orders will be required to pay the 2% credit card fee or wire transfer the final payment.

The day after it ships, we e-mail you the trucking company phone number and the tracking number.  They are also required to call you 24 hours (Residential) and 4 hours (Commercial) in advance to set up a delivery time with you.  (Receiving your Kuuma video)  (Removing From The Pallet)


9.7.2021 – Price Increase Statement (click here)

Kuuma Wood-Burning Sauna Stove

          • $1,995 – Large (18W x 23L x 32H) 500 lbs.
          • $1,845 – Medium (18W x 18L x 32H) 450 lbs.
          • $1,695 – Small (14W x 18L x 32H) 400 lbs.

Optional Extras (a la carte)

          • $195 – Ashpan
          • $90 – Single Heat Shield
          • $100 – Extended Side Heat Shield
          • $370 – Copper Water Coil
          • $345 – Glass Viewing Window
          • $375 – Stainless Steel Water Tank and Cover (12 Gallon)
          • $425 – Stainless Steel Water Tank and Cover (16 Gallon)
          • $175 – Throat Extension 12″
          • $155 – Throat Extension 8″

Kuuma Wood-Burning Gasification Vapor-Fire Furnaces

          • $6,495 – Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 (2020 EPA Phase 2 approved) 

Shipped on 2 pallets (700 lbs. 33W x43L x54H) ,                                       (100 lbs. 24W x 43L x 36H)

          • $5,795 – Kuuma Vapor-Fire 200 (Not currently available) 

Shipped on 1 pallet (700 lbs. 33W x43L x54H)  

Options Packages (Add the price to any Kuuma sauna stove – no substitutions)

Koivu “Birch” Package + $435 (Save $50 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Asphan, Extended Heat Shields (2), Single Heat Shield (1)

Tammi “Oak” Package + $745 (Save $85 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Asphan, Extended Heat Shields (2), Single Heat Shield (1), Glass Viewing Window

Sauna built by Wisdom Workshop https://www.wisdomworkshopmt.com/

Setri “Cedar” Package + $980 (Save $125 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Asphan, Extended Heat Shields (1), Single Heat Shield (1), Glass Viewing Window, Hot Water Tank 

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