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Classic Kuuma Legacy

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Why A Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna Stove?

Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna Stove Specs

By Definition, taking a sauna is a steam bath taken in a Finnish manner.  That’s precisely what both the Lamppa Kuuma wood sauna stoves do for you, provide excellent heat and a significant level of steam for that authentic sauna experience in Finnish American style.  So be ready to move down off the top bench when using a Finnish-American wood-burning sauna stove.

Our Kuuma Sauna Stoves were featured on Made for the Outdoors (video link).

Kuuma Power User Jeff P (2,000 + saunas at 210 degrees) shares his Kuuma story (video link).

Kumma Sauna Stove Longevity (Blog)

Beautifully detailed customer build (website)

The Kuuma sauna stove is designed for those looking for something built to last for decades and provide an amazing sauna experience every single time.  Ask someone who owns or has already tried a Lamppa Kuuma sauna stove. You will see why they are lauded for their quality design, great Lämpömassa, and fantastic löyly!  We are confident it’s the best built (using American Steel) and most efficient on the market.

Finished taking a sauna; now what?  We highly recommend the Bake and Breathe method (Blog)

The Holy Trinity of Good Sauna (Blog)

Read about all the benefits of saunas and tons of general information, including how to build your own, at http://www.saunatimes.com.
Building a Sauna
Sauna Plan A (each square is 3″, so (4) squares is one foot)
Sauna Health Benefits
Sauna Usage Tutorial
StokeYard Mobile Sauna (Fantastic Pictures)

$1,795 – Small Kuuma Sauna Stove:

Small Kuuma Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Including Heat Shields (PDF)
Including Heat Shields and Water Tank (PDF)
Stove weight with fire-brick is 375 pounds (fire-brick 48 pounds)
Stove Dimensions 14″W x 18″D x 32″H
Shipping weight: 400 pounds,
pallet/carton size 31″ x 31″ x 44″ tall
The Small Kuuma Sauna Stove is for up to an 8 x 8 x 9 room
Up to 16″ wood lengths
Small Kuuma Template (click here)

$1,995 – Medium Kuuma Sauna Stove:
Medium Kuuma Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Including Heat Shields (PDF)
Including Heat Shields and Water Tank (PDF)

Stove weight with fire-brick is 405 pounds (fire-brick 56 pounds)
Stove Dimensions 18″W x 18″D x 32″H
Shipping weight: 450 pounds,
pallet/carton size 31″ x 31″ x 44″ tall
The Medium Kuuma Sauna Stove is for up to a 10 x 10 x 9 room
Up to 16″ wood lengths
Medium Kuuma Template (click here)

$2,195 – Large Kuuma Sauna Stove:
Large Kuuma Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Including Heat Shields (PDF)
Including Heat Shields and Water Tank (PDF)
Stove weight with fire-brick is 455 pounds (fire-brick 72 pounds)
Stove Dimensions 18″W x 23″D x 32″H
Shipping weight: 500 pounds,
pallet/carton size 31″ x 31″ x 44″ tall
The Large Kuuma Sauna Stove is for saunas bigger than 10 x 10 x 9
Up to 20″ wood lengths

***Ordering Process*** (Click Here)

What Size Stove Do I Need? (Click Here)

*All Kuuma wood-burning sauna stoves take a 6″ black 24 gauge stove pipe that should then transition into a class A stainless steel type of chimney pipe.

*Please see the operator’s manual or FAQs below for recommended setbacks from combustible materials.

Sauna Traditions PBS Video (4:35 Mark on Lamppa MFG)

Operation Guidelines (Updated 2021)

Operating the Air Damper (Controller) – Video  

Operators Manual (PDF)

Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove Brochure

3 Types of Heat Transfer for a Great Sauna Experience

7 Steps for Operating your Kuuma

Keeping your Sauna Clean

Installing Firebrick and Ash Grate – Video  

***Curing and Operating your Kuuma Sauna Stove – Video***

***The upside-down fire?  – Try it yourself***

Mobile Kuuma Sauna Trailer Build (Detailed High-Quality Footage) (Compressed Version)

Off-Grid Sauna Build from Scratch

Authentic Sauna Experience – 10-Minute Video

Kuuma versus the competition – Video

Options Packages (Add the price to any Kuuma sauna stove – no substitutions)

Koivu “Birch” Package + $525 (Save $30 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Ashpan, Extended Heat Shields (2), Single Heat Shield (1)

Tammi “Oak” Package (Most Popular) + $795 (Save $105 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Ashpan, Extended Heat Shields (2), Single Heat Shield (1), Glass Viewing Window

Sauna built by Wisdom Workshop (Oak Package)

Setri “Cedar” Package + $1,025 (Save $155 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Ashpan, Extended Heat Shields (1), Single Heat Shield (1), Glass Viewing Window, Hot Water Tank (12 Gallon) + $75 for 16 Gallon 

Tuhka “Ash” Package + $700 (Save $50 when buying as a package) 

Includes – Extension (8″ or 12″), Ashpan, Extended Heat Shields (2), Single Heat Shield (1)

***Add a Glass Viewing Window (great ambiance from the changing room) +$300***

***Replace a heat shield with a stainless steel water tank +$275 (12 Gallon) and +$350 (16 Gallon)***

Heat Shields are not pictured

Optional Extras (à la carte) 

$50 – Kuuma Rock Box 50lbs                                                                (Small/Medium Stove 2 Boxes, Large Stove 3 Boxes) 
High-Quality Kuuma Rocks (Basalt and Granite – locally sourced)

$40 – Kuuma Rock Bucket (Pick-Up Only)                                                              Pick your own rocks onsite and keep the Kuuma bucket (roughly 75lbs)

$195 – Throat Extension (8″ or 12″)
A throat extension (also known as a through-wall) is an option if you wish to feed your sauna stove from your changing room or from outside the sauna building.  We offer an 8″ throat (as installed on the stove in this picture or a 12″ (standing next to the stove).  12″ is normally used for log cabins or rock foundations that are extra thick.  It is a very good idea also to add an ash-pan option if you use a throat extension to make it easier to remove the ashes.

**We won’t warranty external feed stoves due to overfiring.   

**No Throat Extension available on small sauna stoves.  If you want to do an external feed, you need to go up to a medium stove because you lose 25% of your heat with the external feed.**

**Inside versus Outside Feed Blog**

$195 – Ashpan
Ashpan clean-out.  Includes a slide-out ash pan with a cast iron ash grate to make the ash removal simple and clean.

$345 – Glass Viewing Window
Ceramic window easily resists heat and tends not to attract black soot. Window size is 5″ x 8″.

If needed, it’s easy to clean by dipping a wet rag into ash located in either the firebox or ashpan and wiping, followed by drying with a paper towel.

The small gap is intentional (Video).  

$120 – Single Heat Shield
$120 – Extended Heat Shield
Heat shields are available for the sides and back on all sizes of Kuuma Sauna Stoves.  They simply hang on steel tabs from the top edge of the stove.  See clearance information under the FAQs below.  The single shield goes on the side of the stove.  The extended one goes an extra 2.5″ inches to close off the rear corner when using a rear heat shield. 

Small Stove (Single 13.5″ – Extended 21″), Medium Stove (Single 18″ – Extended 21″), Large Stove (Single 18″ – Extended 25″).

See how well they work (video).

$400 – Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank and Cover (12-Gallon) 18Lx8Wx20H
$500 – Stainless Steel Hot Water Tank and Cover (16-Gallon) 22Lx8Wx20H
12-gallon tank fits small and medium Kuuma.  The 16-gallon tank fits the large Kuuma.  You can either plumb it directly or purchase a 3/4″ pipe thread brass ball valve (not included) at any hardware store.  

Rob Licht Custom Saunas (Oak Package)
Built by Jason Syrett - Moose Lake, MN
Gibson loves his #kuuma
Before Final Finishing Touches are Applied
Another unsolicited review...
When I purchased my Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove from you in the summer of 2008 - I figured i'd give it a few years of use - and Then decide if I wanted to send you a glowing review of it. Well - after my 3rd winter of regular use on it - I can't say enough good things. I absolutely love the stove for a number of reasons.
- It burns incredibly efficiently. Starts with very little smoke and progresses to No smoke and burns very efficiently with excellent heat output.
- The chamber and exhaust design is such that it puts no sparks out the chimney at all. Not sure if this is intentional or a byproduct of the burning efficiency of the design - but the way the stove exhausts above the door - moving the hot air under the rock carriage - and out the flue at the rear - provides not only excellent heating - but in three years I have never been able to see a spark coming out the chimney - and I burn a lot at night.
-The actual design of the doors and hinges makes them very easy to remove for maintenance. I have found it desirable to hit the stove doors with some hi-temp paint every couple of years for aesthetic reasons. I have come to appreciate greatly the many small design decisions you've made to make this very easy.
- I have learned how to manage the temperature of the room and can run it as low or as high as i like now - From the 155 degree high humidity that my wife likes - to the 220+ very dry runs that I enjoy on a cold snowy night. You have built an absolutely incredible stove - and I thank you for it. I'm only in my 40's - but I have a feeling the stove will last through multiple saunas and it will be an heirloom passed down to my kids. Thanks,
Andy Feest
Oregon, WI

Is the metal heavy enough to prevent warpage?

Yes, under normal operation.  Kuuma Wood-Burning Sauna Stoves are manufactured with American Steel in the United States from a combination of 1/4″, 3/8″ mild steel, and 3/8″ stainless steel to form the most durable sauna stove on the market.

Does my stove need to be cured before using it?

Yes, even though we clean it well, there are still residual oils and preservatives on the steel, plus the high-temperature paint smokes a bit on initial heating.  It is best to fire your stove outside on a low setting for several hours with at least one 3-4′ section of stove pipe “To create a draft.” The smoke is strong but safe to breathe.

Finished taking a sauna now what?

We highly recommend the Bake and Breathe method (Blog) to keep your sauna stove and sauna in optimal condition.

How long should I leave my draft open when heating my hot room?

The draft should never be left in the high burn position for longer than (5-10) minutes to prevent overheating.  Your hot room should be up to temperature in roughly 45 minutes in a well-insulated hot room.  When the draft lever is left in a full-open position, you send all the heat right up the chimney and it’s not heating your hot room.  It will also severely overheat the stove.  To heat your hot room effectively, you want to lower the draft lever between 1/8th and 1/4 open after the logs are burning well.  This will heat the hot room and not send the heat up the chimney.

Is it approved to UL standards?

Yes, it’s approved to UL #1482 by PFS. It’s the only one on the market that we are aware of at this time.  This is required by most insurance companies.

Is it brick-lined and baffled?

Yes, it is brick-lined to prevent warpage and, coupled with the baffle, enhances the burning of gases.

How is the steam (löyly) with the Kuuma sauna stove?

Good steam is a key attribute of a great sauna.  The Lämpömassa behind our design results in awesome steam.  Use only clean, mineral-free water (rain or lake water should work great) on your sauna rocks to make steam.  We strongly recommend that you do NOT use water with a high sodium content (think what our cars in MN look like verse ones that don’t see the winter), especially if you don’t practice the Bake and Breathe method because salt, heat, steel, moisture, and paint don’t play nice and will result in premature rusting.

Is it an air-tight stove?

Yes, the only air it gets is what you set on the carburetor. The doors are sealed for airtightness.  If you get the glass window, we have an intentional air gap.

The small gap is intentional (Video). 

Do we supply chimney parts?

No, everything can be sourced locally or online.

For the chimney, a standard 6″ collar comes off of the stove.  Duravent is a good brand, and they carry all the pieces you will need, such as the adapter to go through your ceiling while meeting the proper codes.

In the chimney, you need a damper for backdraft protection.  It’s best to put it high enough for children not to access it.

You can do single-walled pipe from the stove up until 18″ below the ceiling.  Then you need to switch to double or triple wall insulated Class A pipe through the top.

If possible, go straight up from the stove through the ceiling. If you must make a 90*, use (2) 45*’s and make a radiant bend instead of a hard 90*.

If you use a chimney cap, it needs to be the open kind (click here).  This is the one we use, and it works great!  Famco (Wind Directional Chimney Cap)

Blog Post on the Chimney Components

What is the best way to make a fire retardant wall for the stove surround?

Material Included:

1. Cement Board, galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting
2. 1″ Spacers
3. Screws

Screw cement board to studs.  Apply a second course of material (cement board, galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting) with a 1″ air gap between this material and the cement board screwed to the wall.  Secure the second course of material about 4″ off the floor and extend to a height of at least 52″ from the floor.

One way to create spacers between layers is to cut 1″ pieces of metal pipe and use them as extension washers for screwing the interior layer of material (cement board, galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting) to the cement board that is screwed to the wall.

Purchase a Kuuma surround from us (Pick-Up Only) $299 (36″ x 48″) 

Insulated wall surround with high temp paint – works great like our stove heat shields.  With a 4″ air gap at the bottom it gives you the required 52″ height.  We can cut pieces smaller.  If you need bigger it will be multiple sections.

Does my Kuuma stove come with rocks?

No, but we recommend granite or quartz, often found locally at lakes and streams. Make sure they aren’t cracking or porous. Many retail landscaping businesses often sell them as well.  We recommend golf ball size with a slight variation.  Please wash with warm water and soap before installation if you pick your own. Sauna Rocks

What are the sauna combustion air requirements?

Running with the draft wide open the maximum amount of air consumption is 4 square inches.

Can you heat water for bathing while it heats the room?

Yes, water heats very quickly with the optional 12 or 16-gallon stainless steel hot water tank. It’s very convenient for applications without running water.

Can you see the fire?

Yes, if ordered, an optional 5″ x 8″ glass window is available to watch the burn, provide an additional light source, and make your sauna experience even more romantic and enjoyable.

Is the glass window easy to clean?

If ever needed, it’s easy to clean by dipping a wet rag into ash located in either the firebox or ashpan and wiping, followed by drying with a paper towel.

The small gap is intentional (video).

What size room will it heat?

Based upon how well the heating room is insulated, the small stove is for up to an 8′ x 8′ x 9′ room, the medium is for up to 10′ x 10′ x 9′, and the large is for bigger saunas.

How long should it take to heat my sauna?

Many factors (see blog post) come into play when determining how long it will take to heat your sauna.   What kind of wood are you using?  What material is your sauna constructed out of?  Do you have a damper on your stove pipe?  If so – on normal days your damper should be closed roughly 50% and on windier days it should be about 75% but of course, it needs to be adjusted specifically for your local conditions.  Otherwise, you could be shooting all of the hot air up the chimney.

What length of wood works best for each sauna stove?

16″ wood lengths for the small and medium sauna stoves. 20″ wood lengths for the large sauna stove.

Recommended Maintenance of a Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna Stove (Annual or as needed)

See (blog post here).

These few simple steps will help you protect, keep it looking nice, and extend the longevity of your KUUMA sauna stove for years or decades to come.

Can you load wood from outside of the dressing room?

Yes, the 8″ or 12″ optional extensions are used to go through the wall.  We don’t recommend this because an outside feed adds about $1,000 to building construction costs, and you also lose 25% of the heat from the stove, so you need to upsize one stove size.  Almost all stove damage we’ve ever seen due to overheating has been because the draft isn’t properly managed because the control isn’t in the hot room.  If you still want an outside feed knowing this, we will be happy to build it for you.

**Inside versus Outside Feed Blog**

What are the Clearance Requirements (Meet UL standards for insurance)?

    • You always need a 48″ clearance in front of your stove.
    • Using a heat shield, you need a 7″ clearance on the side and 8″ clearance on the back from the shield on the stove to a non-combustible shield on the wall with a 1″ air gap behind it (PDF).
    • If you have heat shields on your sauna but not on the wall or vice versa, you need a 15.5″ clearance on the side and a 13.5″ clearance on the back (PDF).
    • Without heat shields or non-combustible surfaces, you need a 38″ clearance on the side and a 28″ clearance on the back (PDF).
    • A wall heat shield (non-combustible) needs to be 4″ off of the floor and create a total height of 52″.  The width needs to extend past the sauna stove 8″ on each side.
    • If your ceiling is 8′ or less, a 3’x5′ heat shield on the ceiling with a 2″ air gap above it is required (PDF)—Law of Loyly (Bench Height).
    • Clearances to the edge of the non-combustible floor (PDF).

Sauna Building Tips:

Being in the sauna business, we often get many questions about building a sauna.

First Recommendation:

Spend a lot of time on Saunatimes.com has created by Glenn Auerbach.  He has done more research than anyone we know, and you can find nearly any information needed. He also has a great ebook for $25 that has helped hundreds of people build a kickass sauna!

General Recommendations:

    • People typically make the top bench too wide.  We recommend 20-21″.  More than that is uncomfortable to sit on.
    • The second bench is primarily to rest your feet or for sitting on. Again, please don’t install it too low.  If it’s too low, it tends to cut off circulation in the legs for shorter people.  It should be approximately 12″ below the top bench.
    • Ceiling height minimum of 8′.  This avoids needing a ceiling heat shield (ugly)—Law of Loyly (Bench Height). 
    • 1 or 2 steps to get on the second bench.  They should be fixed and not moveable.
    • Attach a handrail to the wall next to the steps to assist with safety when getting on or off the benches
    • Ventilation Blog Post