Bruce Woodfall Kumma Vapor-Fire 100

Hi Daryl this is Bruce Woodfall in west Virginia my late father bought two Kuuma 100’s from you, one for me and one for my sister in 2010. after moving back home from the farm after my father’s passing this past year I got to burn my Kuuma 100 for the first time this year. The Kuuma took the place of a wood and coal hot air furnace “Home Heater Bennington Vermont”. I want to let you know I am totally, completely satisfied with the Kuuma that you guys build it is no comparison to what I had what I like most is the air draft is totally automatic and keeps the fire in the sweet spot not too hot ,stove pipe temps up to 300 degrees max ,you never have that feeling after you fill the stove and leave and then think to yourself did I leave the air draft open to much .  although I can say when I first started burning it I was dissatisfied  I told my sister who loves their Kuuma100 that this thing is nothing but a tin can and doesn’t work as good as my old furnace till I realized that I only had the thermostat at 63 degrees (dummy) I moved the thermostat setting  to 70 and it did awesome, very good job! . I burnt 4 chords of white oak this year didn’t have to clean the stove pipe or the chimney till now. I vacuumed inside the stove pipe shelf area and when looking up inside the loading door with a mirroir towards the secondary combustion area there is a fair amount of gray ash on things up there that I would like to clean can I take off that plate above the thermocouple with the 12 bolts in it to clean in there. Does it have a gasket of some kind there? My sisters husband tried to remove it on their stove and when one bolt twisted off he stopped, it looks like that plate is on there when the top of the stove is welded maybe super heating the bolts and they gauld when trying to remove. Also what do you think is good to have on hand at home for a spare parts, a thermocouple ?etc.

Hello Daryl, Bruce Woodfall here I have attached some pictures of my Kumma installed in conjunction with a 98% efficient propane gas furnace / heat pump system my furnace room is very small and with low ceilings so pics are taken at close range, I piped in a fresh air intake , and you see the electric dampers I have installed in the cold air returns so when my fire burns out the heat pump/gas kicks on the damper in the Kumma filter box closes and the electric damper in the gas furnace cold air intake opens so one system isn’t blowing backwards through the other.