The Kuuma BLUFLAME is a Gasification wood-burning sauna stove designed to burn wood cleanly, efficiently, and safely to provide the ultimate sauna experience.

It is an ideal option for sauna businesses and owners that care about efficiency (have to purchase wood) and operate in environments where you want the least amount of wood smoke possible (typically urban areas or if you have problematic neighbors) or you want to make wood burning easy and fun.    

Our Legacy Kuuma wood-burning sauna stove is known for its legendary build quality, efficiency, and clean burn.  Our new Kuuma BLUFLAME is roughly 25% more efficient and cleaner burning than our Legacy Kuuma. Compare this to the competition, and you’re talking about twice as efficient with the ability to customize the sauna experience to the type of microclimate you desire.  Made in Tower, MN, using American steel, local labor, and high-quality materials! #burnwoodbetter 

Customize your Kuuma BluFlame

The Ultimate Sauna Experience

Nearly a century after manufacturing our first Finnish-American sauna stove Lamppa Manufacturing looks to revolutionize the sauna stove market with the ability to create your own ultimate sauna experience using a safe, clean, and efficient gasification wood burning sauna stove.

Take the hassle out of wood burning by making it simple and fun.  Ask someone who owns or has already tried a Lamppa Kuuma sauna stove, and you will see why they are recognized for their quality design and providing an unmatched sauna experience.

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Owners Manual


Kuuma BluFlame Gasification Wood-Burning Sauna Stove :

Kuuma BLUFLAME (Small) Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Stove weight with fire-brick is 375 pounds (fire-brick 48 pounds)
Shipping weight: 400 pounds,
pallet/carton size 44″W x 33″D x 46″ tall
Hot Room Size Recommendation: (8′ x 6′ – 8′ x 8′)
Up to 15″ wood lengths
Rock Surround Capacity:
6″ = (100-150lbs.)
9″ = (100-250lbs.)

Kuuma BluFlame Gasification Wood-Burning Sauna Stove:

Medium Kuuma Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Stove weight with fire-brick is 405 pounds (fire-brick 56 pounds)
Shipping weight: 450 pounds,
pallet/carton size 44″W x 33″D x 46″ tall
Hot Room Size Recommendation: (8′ x 8′ – 10′ x 10′)
Up to 15″ wood lengths
Rock Surround Capacity:
6″ = (150-200lbs.)
9″ = (150-300lbs.)

***Price includes: stove heat shielding, ashpan, large glass window, and your choice of rock surround.

***Hot Room Sizes are based on it being well insulated and constructed.  Species of wood and the moisture content can make significant differences when burning wood.

***Ensuring your chimney can provide a consistent draft is essential to optimal operation.  We also recommend a chimney damper to help with consistency and to ensure you aren’t losing too much heat out of the chimney.

Kuuma Technology Evolution (Video Link)

Loading Your New BluFlame (Video Link)

Re-Loading Your BluFlame (Video Link)

Glenn Auerbach from Saunatimes Discusses the New BluFlame (Video Link)




“One of the best sounds if you ask us 😉  Our daughter thinks it’s pretty amazing too. (Wow!)

We’re loving our new stove from @lampmfg the efficiency is incredible, it’s easy as heck to start, and the steam off the rocks is something you just have to experience for yourself.”

Kuuma Bluflame Commercial Stainless Steel
Kuuma Bluflame Commercial Stainless Steel Wood Burning Gasification Sauna Stove
Kuuma BluFlame Gasification Sauna Stove 9" Diamond Rock Surround
Bear Naked Sauna
Kuuma BluFlame in a Bear Naked Sauna used by the MN Wild at Larsmont Cottages during there annual stay in Duluth for preseason training
9 diamond left angle medium
Medium Kuuma BluFlame 9" Diamond Surround Left Side Angle
6 Filigree Small BF
Small Kuuma BluFlame 6" Filigree Surround
small 6 filigree and medium 9 diamond
Medium Kuuma BluFlame 9" Diamond and Small Kuuma BluFlame 6" Filigree
BluFlame Full of Rocks
Kuuma BluFlame (Filigree Surround)
small 6 filigree and medium 6 filigree
Small Kuuma BluFlame 6" Filigree Surround and Medium Kuuma BluFlame 6" Filigree Surround Side by Side
BluFlame Stainless Steel Backing
Stainless Steel (Behind Diamond or Filigree Surround)
Glenn Daryl BluFlame Prototype
Daryl Lamppa and Glenn Auerbach ( Original Kuuma BluFlame
Sauna Du Nord (new)
Sauna Du Nord New
BluFlame Night Burn
BluFlame Night Burn
Sauna Du Nord (running)
Sauna Du Nord Operating
Bliss Wellness Surround
Bliss Wellness Sauna
Bliss Wellness BluFlame
Bliss Wellness BluFlames
Daryl and Garrett Lamppa
Daryl and Garrett Lamppa
Deep Wave Sauna
Deep Wave BF
BluFlame Rock Box
BluFlame Rock Box (Diamond)

What's the difference between the Classic Kuuma Legacy and the Kuuma BluFlame?

First, the Classic Kuuma Legacy is incredible.  It's been battle-tested for decades and just works.  It's efficient, easy to operate, and as clean burning as any stove on the market that we've seen.  Now, the Kuuma BluFlame is a giant leap in wood-burning technology.  It's roughly 30% more efficient and significantly cleaner burning, so if you are in a location where wood smoke could be an issue, I would always choose a BluFlame.  It can also create a broader range of sauna styles with the ability to add more rock mass.

Finished taking a sauna now what?

We highly recommend the Bake and Breathe method (Blog) to keep your sauna stove and sauna in optimal condition.

How does the draft control operate?

The draft should never be left in the high burn position for longer than (5-10) minutes to prevent overheating.  When the draft lever is left in a full-open position, you send all the heat right up the chimney, and it's not heating your hot room.  It will also severely overheat the stove.  To heat your hot room effectively, you want the draft about 50% open after the logs are burning well.  This will heat the hot room and not send the heat up the chimney.  Once you achieve the desired temperature, you can close it almost completely.

Is it approved to UL standards like the Classic Kuuma Legacy?

Not at this time.  We didn't approve to UL standards on the Classic Kuuma Legacy for decades.

Is it brick-lined and baffled?

Yes, it is brick-lined to prevent warpage and, coupled with the baffle, enhances the burning of gases.

How is the steam (löyly) with the Kuuma BluFlame? 

Fantastic steam is a key attribute of a great sauna.  The Lämpömassa behind our design results in amazing steam.  Use only clean, mineral-free water (rain or lake water should work great) on your sauna rocks to make steam.  We strongly recommend that you do NOT use water with a high sodium content (think what our cars in MN look like versus ones that don't see the winter), especially if you don't practice the Bake and Breathe method because salt, heat, steel, moisture, and paint don't play nice and will result in premature rusting.

Do we supply chimney parts?

No, everything can be sourced locally or online.

For the chimney, a stainless steel 6″ collar comes off of the stove.  Duravent or Selkirk are quality brands, and they carry all the pieces you will need, such as the adapter to go through your ceiling while meeting the proper codes.

You need a damper in the chimney for backdraft protection.  It's best to put it high enough that children cannot access it.

You can use single-walled pipe from the stove up until (following the manufacturer's instructions) below the ceiling.  Then, you need to switch to double or triple-wall insulated Class A pipe through the top.

If possible, go straight up from the stove through the ceiling.  If you must make a 90*, use (2) 45*'s and make a radiant bend instead of a hard 90*.

If you use a chimney cap, it needs to be the open kind (click here).  This is the one we use, and it works great!  Famco (Wind Directional Chimney Cap)

Blog Post on the Chimney Components

What is the best way to make a fire retardant wall for the stove surround?

Material Included:

1.  Cement Board, galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting
2. 1″ Spacers
3.  Screws

Screw cement board to studs.  Apply a second course of material (cement board, galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting) with a 1″ air gap between this material and the cement board screwed to the wall.  Secure the second course of material about 4″ off the floor and extend to a height of at least 52″ from the floor.

One way to create spacers between layers is to cut 1″ pieces of metal pipe and use them as extension washers for screwing the interior layer of material (cement board, galvanized aluminum, or thin copper sheeting) to the cement board that is screwed to the wall.

Purchase a Kuuma surround from us (Pick-Up Only) $299 (36″ x 48″) 

Insulated wall surrounds with high temp paint – works great like our stove heat shields.  With a 4″ air gap at the bottom, it gives you a total of 52″ height.  We can cut pieces smaller.  If you need bigger, it will be multiple sections.

Does my Kuuma stove come with rocks?

No, but we recommend granite or quartz, often found locally at lakes and streams.  Make sure they aren't cracking or porous.  Many retail landscaping businesses often sell them as well.  We recommend golf ball size with a slight variation.  Please wash with warm water and soap before installation if you pick your own.  Sauna Rocks

How much rock do I want on the Kuuma BluFlame?                                      

The choice is yours.  You can have 100lbs – 250lbs on the small and 100lbs – 300lbs on the medium.  More rock can lead to longer heat-up times and can also be a heat sink.  I've found rock recovery to be the most critical factor for my personal sauna style most of the time.  My sweet spot is 125-175lbs (small) and 150-200 (medium), which typically takes 60-90 minutes of heat time.  If you go with 200lbs +, expect 2 hours minimum heat time since it's 650lbs+ of lämpömassa.

$50 – Kuuma Rock Box 50lbs                                        

High-quality Kuuma Rocks (Basalt and Granite – locally sourced)

$40 – Kuuma Rock Bucket (Pick-Up Only)

Pick your own rocks onsite and keep the Kuuma bucket (roughly 75lbs)

What are the sauna combustion air requirements?

Running with the draft wide open the maximum amount of air consumption is 4 square inches.

Can you heat water for bathing while it heats the room?

Not at this time.  We are in the process of developing a water tank with the goal of making it retrofittable for any current BluFlame owners.

Can you see the fire?

Yes, it includes a large glass window so you can watch the burn, provide an additional light source, and make your sauna experience even more romantic and enjoyable.

Is the glass window easy to clean?

If ever needed, it's easy to clean by dipping a wet rag into ash located in either the firebox or ashpan and wiping, followed by drying with a paper towel.  If you need to clean your window daily, you are probably smoldering the wood.  There could be an issue with your wood (not seasoned) or draft (too much or too little), resulting in poor combustion.  This should be easy to fix.

What size room will it heat?

Based upon how well the heating room is insulated, the small stove is for up to an 8′ x 8′ x 9′ room, and the medium is for up to 10′ x 10′ x 9′.  We've used both stoves in larger hot rooms than recommended.  Because of their high efficiency, they have been able to heat them, but it will take longer.

Why is my stove door hard to open?

This can happen on occasion when the stove is drafting hard, usually early on in the burn process.  It's best only to open the door or to reload on a coal bed.

How long should it take to heat my sauna?

Many factors (see blog post) come into play when determining how long it will take to heat your sauna.  What kind of wood are you using?  What material is your sauna constructed out of?  Do you have a damper on your stove pipe?  If so – on normal days, your damper should be closed roughly 50%, and on windier days, it should be about 75%, but of course, it needs to be adjusted precisely for your local conditions.  Otherwise, you could be shooting all of the hot air up the chimney.

What length of wood works best?

Ideally, 15" wood lengths for the small and medium Kuuma BluFlames.  15" lengths are ideal, so when the bottom row is gone, and the top rows drop down to replace it, they aren't restricting the bottom of our air draft control even slightly.

Did my stove back puff?

This can occasionally happen when the stove is drafting hard, and you open the stove door to add or adjust wood, usually early in the burn process.  It's best only to open the door or to reload on a coal bed.

Recommended Maintenance of a Kuuma Wood Burning Sauna Stove (Annual or as needed)

See (blog post here).

These few simple steps will help you protect, keep it looking nice, and extend the longevity of your KUUMA sauna stove for years or decades to come.

Can you load wood from outside of the dressing room?

Not at this time.  It's possible that we could add this option in the future.

**Inside versus Outside Feed Blog**