The Kuuma BLUFLAME is a Gasification wood-burning sauna stove designed to burn wood cleanly, efficiently, and safely to provide the ultimate sauna experience.

It is an ideal option for sauna businesses and owners that care about efficiency (have to purchase wood) and operate in environments where you want the least amount of wood smoke possible (typically urban areas or if you have problematic neighbors) or you want to make wood burning easy and fun.    

Our Legacy Kuuma wood-burning sauna stove is known for its legendary build quality, efficiency, and clean burn.  Our new Kuuma BLUFLAME is roughly 25% more efficient and cleaner burning than our Legacy Kuuma. Compare this to the competition, and you’re talking about twice as efficient with the ability to customize the sauna experience to the type of microclimate you desire.  Made in Tower, MN, using American steel, local labor, and high-quality materials! #burnwoodbetter 


Nearly a century after manufacturing our first Finnish-American sauna stove Lamppa Manufacturing looks to revolutionize the sauna stove market with the ability to create your own ultimate sauna experience using a safe, clean, and efficient gasification wood burning sauna stove.  

Take the hassle out of wood burning by making it simple and fun.  Ask someone who owns or has already tried a Lamppa Kuuma sauna stove, and you will see why they are recognized for their quality design and providing an unmatched sauna experience.

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Owners Manual 


Kuuma BluFlame Gasification Wood-Burning Sauna Stove :

Kuuma BLUFLAME (Small) Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Stove weight with fire-brick is 375 pounds (fire-brick 48 pounds)
Shipping weight: 400 pounds,
pallet/carton size 44″W x 33″D x 46″ tall
Hot Room Size Recommendation: (8′ x 6′ – 8′ x 8′) 
Up to 16″ wood lengths

Kuuma BluFlame Gasification Wood-Burning Sauna Stove:

Medium Kuuma Sauna Stove Dimensions (PDF)
Stove weight with fire-brick is 405 pounds (fire-brick 56 pounds)
Shipping weight: 450 pounds,
pallet/carton size 44″W x 33″D x 46″ tall
Hot Room Size Recommendation: (8′ x 8′ – 10′ x 10′)
Up to 16″ wood lengths

***Includes heat shields around entire stove, ashpan, large glass window, and your choice of rock surround.

***Hot Room Sizes are based on it being well insulated and constructed.  Species of wood and the moisture content can make significant differences when burning wood.

***Ensuring your chimney can provide a consistent draft is essential to optimal operation.  We also recommend a chimney damper to help with consistency and to ensure you aren’t losing too much heat out of the chimney.    

Kuuma Technology Evolution (Video Link)

Loading Your New BluFlame (Video Link)

Re-Loading Your BluFlame (Video Link)

Glenn Auerbach from Saunatimes Discusses the New BluFlame (Video Link)




“One of the best sounds if you ask us 😉  Our daughter thinks it’s pretty amazing too. (Wow!)

We’re loving our new stove from @lampmfg the efficiency is incredible, it’s easy as heck to start, and the steam off the rocks is something you just have to experience for yourself.”

BluFlame Front
Kuuma BluFlame (Diamond Surround)
BluFlame Full of Rocks
Kuuma BluFlame (Filigree Surround)
BluFlame Stainless Steel Backing
Stainless Steel (Behind Diamond or Filigree Surround)
Glenn Daryl BluFlame Prototype
Daryl Lamppa and Glenn Auerbach ( Original Kuuma BluFlame
Bear Naked Sauna
Kuuma BluFlame in a Bear Naked Sauna used by the MN Wild at Larsmont Cottages during there annual stay in Duluth for preseason training
Sauna Du Nord (new)
Sauna Du Nord New
BluFlame Night Burn
BluFlame Night Burn
Sauna Du Nord (running)
Sauna Du Nord Operating
Bliss Wellness Surround
Bliss Wellness Sauna
Bliss Wellness BluFlame
Bliss Wellness BluFlames
Daryl and Garrett Lamppa
Daryl and Garrett Lamppa
Deep Wave Sauna
Deep Wave BF
BluFlame Rock Box
BluFlame Rock Box (Diamond)