JJ Cavins Kuuma Electric Sauna Stove

“Can’t imagine our sauna without the Kuuma heater. Heats up our freestanding 9×7 sauna to 180 degrees in the dead of winter in Alaska. Our current sauna demanded an electric heater and other heaters we looked at would not have been able to produce these temperatures in a large outdoor sauna. The Kuuma electric sauna heater is the king of non-wood burning heaters and is built to last. Thank you!”
Feel free to change that around a bit if you’d like. We are currently living in an HOA that doesn’t allow wood burning stoves in Anchorage. In a couple years we’ll be moving to the hillside in Anchorage and we’ll be able to build a sauna with a wood burning  stove from you guys.
Let me know if you’d like different photos. We haven’t had snow for awhile here in Anchorage but it’d be good to get a photo with fresh snow eh?
JJ Cavins
Anchorage, AK 99502