Marty P Kuuma Electric Sauna Stove



Wouldn’t say its fancy and wouldn’t even say it’s the real deal.  The stove is, I’ll give you that but in the grand scheme of things, wood is the right way to go and I thought hard about it but couldn’t get the wood fired chimney to work in our area.


Down the road I am going to build a cedar logged sauna with changing room and toilet and shower up at the cabin.  That one will be fancy for sure.  Already have moose, elk and white tailed racks and some fish and grouse.  Most of the racks will go on the outside, mounts in the changing room.


Have a bunch of split rock amethyst in it too.


Hopefully you can use my photos or if you want different lighting/angles I can do that too but keep in mind, I’m a ridge runner from Eveleth, no photographer at all just trying to live my life being strong like bull, smart like tractor!


Let me know how I can help you guys out.  Be glad to talk to anyone on the fence, etc. that is looking/comparing your stove to (or for) another manufacturer.  Believe me, I knew I wanted to support you guys but I also did my homework.  For the quality, efficiency and value your stove is a smooch more expensive but far more worth it over the long run.


All for now.  Glad to help.


Best regards and stay warm,