Tim Fetterer Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove

Haha….Daryl, you’re not going to  believe this…you were on my list of people to email tonight. The stove arrived on time and in perfect condition. I’m really impressed with your shipping method and the carrier. I’ve seen your stoves before…but I was blown away with the attention to detail and the perfect welds….what a piece of art…I almost hate to start a fire in it. Attached are pictures of the sauna I’m building. I basically just converted my wood shed. The exterior is finished and I’ll start on the interior this month. Thanks again for making such a fine product.
Attached are some pictures of my completed sauna I was writing you about. It turned out nice and works wonderful. Your stove does a fantastic job…I can’t believe how well it burns. I “liked” you on facebook and who knows, maybe I’ll win another one of your stoves and build another sauna near my pond. Thanks again for everything.