Adam Saelar Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

Hi Daryl,


I wanted to send you a few pictures and a brief testimonial for a few reasons. First, I saw you guy’s recent Facebook post about testimonials and the new logo you will be putting on the product. I have to admit, the logo is pretty cool, so I wanted to get in on that. But secondly, and most importantly, I wanted to give my two cents about the product as I really went back and forth prior to making my purchase. Attached are a few photos as well. Have a good day!


I recently purchased a Vapor Fire 100 for my home. We did a major renovation to the home, part of that renovation was a new HVAC system. I knew I wanted to add on a wood burning furnace to add on to the LP furnace I was also adding but I didn’t know what wood burner to add. I searched and searched the internet. I looked at Claytons as that is what I previously had. I thought about a Caddy and even an outdoor furnace. During the search I kept seeing the names Kuuma and Lamppa Manufacturing. I started to look into Kuumas and the more research I did the more I was interested. I will admit the price caught me off guard at first. I thought to myself “This is like double the price of a Clayton, is it really worth it?” Yep, it is!


I’ve only had my VF100 for one winter and it’s been mostly mild here in Western PA, but I can tell you I am so happy I decided to purchase the Kuuma, its worth every penny. The process for purchasing was so easy. Once I purchased the VF100 I received a ship date with some info; unfortunately I had an issue with shipping. The furnace was damaged but getting a replacement was just as easy. Daryl and his guys added another furnace order to their next batch, install was barley delayed. I can tell you part of the added price is the absolute top notch customer service which came in handy a few weeks later.


Install went great, or so I thought. I started burning in the VF100 and was blown away. The furnace burns the wood so completely and heats my 2,500 sq. ft. house without issue. My old Clayton was no match. However, I began noticing some condensation coming out of my chimney cleanout. I didn’t think much of it but had a separate question for Daryl so I brought it up. He diagnosed the problem almost immediately over the phone. My HVAC company installed the VF100 as if it were any other old wood burner without following instructions in the manual. I conveyed the information that Daryl told me to them and they were hesitant to fix it, so I gave them Daryl’s contact info and they were out two days later to install it correctly. Since then I have had no issues.


I would tell anyone thinking of a new wood burner to spend the money to get the Kuuma because it is absolutely in a different league when compared to any other unit. There is a reason that any testimonial you read is beaming with support, because the Kuumas as just that good. On top of that you get absolute first class customer service and a product built in the USA by a small manufacturing company (always a bonus in my book). Do yourself a favor, if you are thinking of buying a Kuuma do it, you won’t regret it!


-Adam Saeler