Vapor-Fire 100

EPA Phase 2 Certified

The World’s #1 Gasification Furnace 

#Hand Crafted Excellence

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Why Vapor-Fire 100?

Vapor-Fire 100 Specs

The EPA Phase 2 Certified, Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 is our largest Vapor-Fire wood burning furnace. The wood length is approximately 20″ and requires seasoned wood that has an 18-28% moisture content. It has a large 2-speed blower that delivers 500 to 1500 CFM (cubic feet per minute) on demand, controlled by a thermostat. It can stand alone as a central furnace, or be used as an add-on to an existing oil, gas, or electric furnace.

The bonnet opening is 2’x2′ and your heat duct outlet should be 180-200 square inches to prevent excess back pressure on the blower system. It gives you a clean, safe, and automatic front to back burn that delivers very even heat for 10-12 hours per load followed by many hours of coals. Even heat output results from the front to back burn principle in our Vapor-Fire wood burning furnace.

A properly installed Vapor-Fire 100 will comfortably heat a home up to  3500 square feet including your basement.  It may heat larger homes based on your geographic location and the physical design of your home. The heating capacity will also depend on how well the premises is insulated and if doors and windows provide good seals. A properly installed furnace will require adequate cold air returns – just like any other forced air furnace.

The VF-100 is best installed in a central location in the home or shop to allow for even distribution of warm air via heating ducts.  For this reason, VF-100’s are often installed in basements or garages.  

50 inches tall
52 ½ inches long – with the blower installed (blower is 18 ¼ “ long)
36 inches long (without the blower installed)
32 inches wide once air damper box is bolted on
Weight: 675 pounds
Shipping weight: 800 pounds total and ships on 2 pallets.  The main pallet weighs 700 pounds and measures 33” wide, 43” deep and 50” tall.  Second pallet (blower) weighs 100 pounds and measures 29” wide, 24” deep and 36” tall.

Installation Dimensions:
27 inches wide when off the pallet.  It goes through doors and isn’t 32 inches until the air damper box is bolted on.
Also, once the fire-box is unloaded removing all the stuff we ship in it, plus removing the fire-brick and cast iron grate – then the furnace only weighs 430 pounds and is much easier to handle than if you think it weighs 675 pounds to handle. That is a big difference if you want to get it down a stairway.

Required Clearances:
Side clearance is 6 inches
Front clearance is 48 inches
Back or rear clearance between the blower and any obstruction is 12 inches.

The VF-100 will take up to 22” wood and the fire-box can be filled to the top.

The chimney pipe takes a 6”  24 gauge black stove pipe from the furnace throat to the chimney connection. Then the chimney needs to be either masonry/tile lined or class A stainless steel pipe.

The furnace comes with height adjustable legs to allow for leveling the furnace on uneven floors.

Intertek Testing Results

High Burn
1.0 Grams/Hr of Emissions
.02 Grams/MJ of Emissions
99.4% Combustion Efficiency
82.4% Overall Efficiency

Medium Burn
.45 Grams/Hr of Emissions
.01 Grams/MJ of Emissions
98.1% Combustion Efficiency
84.4% Overall Efficiency

Low Burn
.65 Grams/Hr of Emissions
.02 Grams/MJ of Emissions
98.9% Combustion Efficiency