Robert S Kuuma Sauna Stove

Years ago I started collecting used, upcycled, and recycled materials, dumpster debris, and anything construction related, from dimensional beams, to nails and screws. Also, buckets of old iron and galvanized pipe. The yard started resembling a Tennessee trailer park after a tornado, so I began the task of fitting pieces together to make a shed suitable to house a bona fide Finnish Sauna. Some of the logs and shelves were from trees cleared from my property and fitted into the build as well. I am not much of a carpenter, and was intimidated through some of the tasks required to make this happen. The hot room is 7′ 4″ x 5′ 6″. Not as deep as it should have been and fitting the benches and floor drain in were a challenge. I looked at both ‘spoke’, and ‘Ben Square’ design for floor drainage and actually tried something a little different because of the limited space and pavers under the stove. I call it the, ‘Ben Worse’, or ‘Coulda Ben Worse’ method. It works, but the next build will be the ‘Ben Square’ method.

This project started on March 22, 2021. Life happened, and about 2 weeks ago, it was near enough to completion that I was able to build the first fire and experience my very own sauna!. Today, I just finished my 15th pilgrimage in my sauna. It seems to be getting better every time! I am grateful for your input and your website (  I am so pleased with your Kuuma Stove!

Robert S