Kuuma Sauna Stove Longevity

Is the Kuuma sauna stove for everyone?  Unfortunately, probably not.  The Kuuma sauna stove is designed for those looking for something built to last for decades (when operated correctly) and provides a great sauna experience every single time.  Most stoves will meet your needs if you plan to sauna 10 times a year.  Now you … Read more

Kuuma Update 7.11.22

Quick Update: We’ve been waiting on furnace steel for quite a while and finally received what looks like everything we need to start building them again. We will pivot from sauna stoves and focus mainly on furnaces in the short term. We appreciate our customer’s patience and plan to have everything currently on order made … Read more

Kuuma sign project

We’ve worked on our sign project internally for a long time and finally got it up before the 4th of July, which was our goal! We appreciate all of our employee’s contributions and hard work to get it done… When the building was built, power was supposed to run, but it wasn’t. Can anyone recommend … Read more

Shipping to our friends North of the border

We ship factory direct to Canada regularly (typically weekly).  To generate a quote, we need a postal code, what type of location (residential or commercial), and the product you want.  Some remote areas can get expensive and can take a few days for us to get a shipping quote.  In all cases, we require the … Read more

Lamppa Manufacturing Ordering Process

Ordering Process We provide an estimate and require a $500 (sauna stove) and $1,000 (furnace) deposit (non-refundable) to get on our list, with the balance payable upon shipment or pick-up.  Lead times do fluctuate, but they have typically been about a month.  We accept credit cards, cash, checks, wire transfers, and mobile payments.  To make … Read more

Employee Party Memorial Weekend

There would be no #kuuma stoves or furnaces without our exceptional employees! Shoutout to Dale and Taner for doing a great job on the grills and Tower Zups for the excellent food. #ShopSmall #kuumakrew #madeinusa #handcrafted

Robert S Kuuma Sauna Stove

Years ago I started collecting used, upcycled, and recycled materials, dumpster debris, and anything construction related, from dimensional beams, to nails and screws. Also, buckets of old iron and galvanized pipe. The yard started resembling a Tennessee trailer park after a tornado, so I began the task of fitting pieces together to make a shed … Read more