Kuuma Sauna Trailer

Sauna Trailer: From Rusty Horse Trailer to Mobile Banya “click here” Highly recommend watching it if you are planning on your own mobile build.  He receives his #kuuma sauna stove at the 2:21 mark.  Warning this is 4.5 hours long but the best sauna build documentary I’ve personally seen. “A Sergei Boutenko Production”  

EPA Phase 2 Certification Discrepancy

8/20/2020 I know many of you have reached out to us inquiring about how our competitor was able to certify to EPA Phase 2, especially with many of the issues that have been raised on this forum. We’ve been trying to be patient with the EPA during this process, but will no longer stay silent. … Read more

Sauna Talk with Daryl Lamppa, third generation Finnish sauna stove maker

Daryl and Glenn talk about many things, including: What got you interested in how wood burns, and in making sauna stoves? 35 years of tinkering with making a clean burning wood stove. Tower, Minnesota.  February 4, 1996.  -60 f. Daryl thinking “green” before there was the term green. Lamppa Manufacturing:  selling direct to the customer, … Read more