Roddy Kuuma Sauna – Saranac Lake, NY

I have enjoyed following the progress of your company and products, and am glad you have begun publishing newsletters for us wood-burning enthusiasts. I’d like to share with you a few photos from a ground-up sauna project we built in early summer 2020 in the Adirondacks of northern New York. It was a perfect covid … Read more

Two Cedars Sauna featuring a Kuuma stove

Hi Lamppa Kuuma, Greetings from Minden, Ontario – Here’s a couple pictures of your beautiful wood-burning sauna stove at the cottage. We called it the Two Cedars Sauna, knotty western red cedar on the inside and eastern white cedar on the outside. Couple pictures attached, including one from the day the stove arrived, which was real … Read more

Anne’s homemade Kuuma sauna in Voss, Norway

We bought an oven from you ten years ago and are so satisfied. It works well, is easy to light and keeps warm for a long time. I send you some pictures to show how it looks at Voss, Norway in our homemade badstue (sauna in Norwegian) Vennlig hilsen Anne K. Irgens

Why you don’t want to incorrectly operate your stove

Our Kuuma stoves are legendary for how well they are built and perform (usually for decades).  However, there is a reason why we make many efforts (verbal, videos, website, and owners manual) to explain safe operation. Many companies wouldn’t share something like this, showing damage to their products.  Still, Lamppa Manufacturing believes in trying to … Read more