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John S Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

We are really enjoying our furnace. Thank you for all the help. Sending a picture of how it is up in the air a ways. Nice to be able to bring in a trailer load of wood at a time. Wonderful we love it ….good to hear from you.  My husband says its the greatest … Read more

Kevin S Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

This is our stove we installed last Jan.2016 It is hooked up to a pre-heat water tank and then to our gas hot water heater. Best thing we ever invested our money in. Thank you. Kevin B MA

Peter’s Wood Burning Kuuma Sauna Stove

Dear Morgan; I wanted to follow up with you on how happy we are with our purchase of a Kuuma sauna stove, after two years of fantastic service!  We love our sauna, and it was fun to plan and build.  The control over the fire that is provided by the Kuuma stove is so complete … Read more

Kuuma Sauna Stove Longevity

Is the Kuuma sauna stove for everyone?  Unfortunately, probably not.  The Kuuma sauna stove is designed for those looking for something built to last for decades (when operated correctly) and provides a great sauna experience every single time.  Most stoves will meet your needs if you plan to sauna 10 times a year.  Now you … Read more

Thank – You!

Herb Lamppa Civic Center Memorial

Thank you to the City of Tower and former Mayor Josh Carlson, along with his Council, for renaming the Civic Center after our father, Herbert R. Lamppa.  Special thanks and praise to Nancy Larson for her design work on the signs and the beautiful pedestal display at the Civic Center garden, and most importantly, for … Read more

Kuuma Update 7.11.22

Quick Update: We’ve been waiting on furnace steel for quite a while and finally received what looks like everything we need to start building them again. We will pivot from sauna stoves and focus mainly on furnaces in the short term. We appreciate our customer’s patience and plan to have everything currently on order made … Read more