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Rich D Kuuma Electric Sauna Stove

Rich just sent us pictures of his beautiful #kuuma electric sauna stove and sauna.  He did a great job getting making building this one.  #getoffthetopbench #builtlikeatank #madeintheusa #kuumaquality #americansteel  

Eric W Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

I got my Kuuma Vapor-Fire on May 13th last year, and I just when to clean the flue and chimney and….. I didn’t have any creosote using 5 1/2 cords!! Thank you so much! This furnace is amazing!!   Originally, I used a hot blast furnace, burned about 8 cords, and cleaned the chimney twice … Read more

Arnie A – Kuuma Sauna Stove Review

Works flawlessly Grandkids used it 7 out of the last 10 days. Efficiency is impressive. 6-8 pieces of wood get it up to 185 then another 6-8 pieces hold that temperature for several hours. 12 hours later the room temperature is still around 100/110… Arnie A

Star Tribune Article

Shared from the 1/10/2021 Star Tribune eEdition Tower tinkerer toys with wood-burning perfection Four decades of work produces a most innovative product By REID FORGRAVE reid.forgrave@startribune.com Daryl Lamppa, a 71-year-old tinkerer born and raised in Tower, Minn., invited his son and daughter for Thanksgiving dinner a couple of months ago. Lamppa had something to show them: … Read more

Hank S Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100

1.12.21 Purchased 3/25/2014 to heat my house of 3000 sq ft. No more chimney fires, on the roof cleaning chimney, burns less wood extremely safe. It is a win-win. Thank you, Daryl. Hank S Livingston Manor, NY

Kuuma Sauna Trailer

Sauna Trailer: From Rusty Horse Trailer to Mobile Banya “click here” Highly recommend watching it if you are planning on your own mobile build.  He receives his #kuuma sauna stove at the 2:21 mark.  Warning this is 4.5 hours long but the best sauna build documentary I’ve personally seen. “A Sergei Boutenko Production”  

Kuuma Vapor-Fire 100 Wolcott, CT

“I am very happy with the furnace and install.” says an excited customer from #wolcottconnecticut who purchased a #kuuma Vapor-Fire 100, which is the cleanest burning and highest efficiency EPA Phase 2 wood furnace available. #builtlikeatank

John S Kuuma Wood Sauna Stove

10/15/2020 I recently went thru the process of purchasing a medium wood burning stove from you folks. First let me say, your customer service (Morgan) went above and beyond to help complete the order. Being in Thunder Bay, Ontario and dealing with cross border issues made things a bit  more complicated. All went well with delivery … Read more

EPA Phase 2 Certification Discrepancy

8/20/2020 I know many of you have reached out to us inquiring about how our competitor was able to certify to EPA Phase 2, especially with many of the issues that have been raised on this forum. We’ve been trying to be patient with the EPA during this process, but will no longer stay silent. … Read more

Scott Cross Kuuma Sauna – Alaska

3/3/2020 We live three miles from the closest road near the historic Treadwell mining district in Alaska. On our walks on the beach to town, we see the remains of stamp mills, steam engines, Pelton wheels, and all manner of machines, most of them more than 100 years old! I’m always amazed thinking of the … Read more